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Welcome to Guillaume and Thymiane who recently joined our team!

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"Bottom of the pyramid" (BOP) innovation in the field

According to the statistics, 82% of Indonesians – about 200 million people – live on less than $4 a day. Addressing the nutritional needs of children in this population category, Danone launched an accelerated innovation drive with two objectives: explore new territories using a BOP approach and test new work methods by applying the principles of design thinking and open innovation. We assisted the Group’s Indonesian business unit for several weeks of consumer-centered reflection in Paris and Jakarta.

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Inventing nutritional solutions for disadvantaged children in Indonesia

Sharing vision in a co-design process

The hospitals built today are nearly the same as those erected twenty years ago. This observation – surprising, to say the least, given the major technological and organizational changes that the health sector is undergoing  – was the point of departure for a co-design process involving Bouygues Construction and key healthcare stakeholders. The goal was to collectively imagine tomorrow’s patient-centered healthcare facility.

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Co-designing tomorrow’s healthcare facility

The prototyping process

Now, more than ever, the rail station is central to urban life. Not only an intermodal hub, it’s a place where people feel like spending time, socializing and working. To meet new user demands and anticipate future needs, weave.air has helped Transilien to prototype four ways of “updating” the rail station.

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Prototyping new services and spaces at rail stations to meet new usage demands

Leading management seminars

As Peter Drucker once observed, innovation doesn’t come in a flash of genius, but is hard work and needs to be managed like any other corporate function, at each business unit and at each level of management. With this in mind, Groupama set out to get its managers thinking about their practices with a view to promoting innovation across the company and in their teams. From awareness-raising to idea generation, we assisted Groupama with producing inspirational content, training company executives in creativity methods and communicating the ideas generated in a meaningful way.

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Disseminating new managerial practices that foster innovation