Co-designing tomorrow’s healthcare facility

Sharing vision in a co-design process

Sharing vision in a co-design process

The hospitals built today are nearly the same as those erected twenty years ago. This observation – surprising, to say the least, given the major technological and organizational changes that the health sector is undergoing  – was the point of departure for a co-design process involving Bouygues Construction and key healthcare stakeholders. The goal was to collectively imagine tomorrow’s patient-centered healthcare facility.

40 participants representing key healthcare stakeholders

Idea generation and collaborative prototyping

weave AIR produced a trend book exploring various signals pertaining to the digital revolution, the development of territorial healthcare networks, the generalization of ambulatory surgery and shared consultations, and the transformation of biomedical technologies.  Based on interviews with twelve international experts and an in-depth study of five innovative healthcare facilities in Sweden, Spain and the United States, this trend book served as a basis for defining the issues and provided food for thought.


The high point of this innovation approach was a day of prospective workshops attended by more than forty representatives of health authorities, hospitals, medico-social centers and companies in health-related businesses, who engaged in collaborative brainstorming and prototyping to imagine the healthcare facilities of tomorrow. To elicit creativity, participants were presented with scenarios of a disruptive nature (e.g. “no bed,” “scalable,” “service-oriented” and “high tech”).

6 concepts for innovative healthcare facilities

This approach yielded a concept book that was handed out to participants and used by Bouygues Construction to improve its subsequent proposals. The book contained a model for a new health territory (three levels of digitally coordinated healthcare facilities) and 6 concepts for healthcare facilities (prototyped and projected into patient usage scenarios).


One of the concepts: The digital management center

The digital management center collects and structures health-related data for a given population center and, thanks to these data, fluidities patient paths between different healthcare facilities.

 “The project involved high-level stakeholders from different horizons and produced concepts of excellent quality.”


Florent Gitiaux, Senior Manager, weave.air

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“One great thing about weave AIR compared to other consultants is that it didn’t bring preconceived ideas to the job! It worked with  Bouygues Construction on a co-design basis.”


Antoine Gibour, Prospective and Strategic Marketing Department, Bouygues Construction