Offering a “militant” experience at an organic food store

A process of co-creation

As a result of the environmental, social and economic crisis, new modes of production, consumption, distribution and financing are emerging as indicators of far-reaching social change. One French person out of two said they’d like to consume better. A pioneer in the area of militant consumption, the BIOCOOP organic distribution network decided to involve its stakeholders in rethinking its positioning and imagining new forms of militant activity.

4 underlying trends were explored to study emerging consumption and production practices.

Involving stakeholders in an open process

The weak signals are there: consumption is drawing closer to production, people want to do better with less, new distribution channels are developing, and well-being and social bonding have made a big comeback. These signals herald a transition and the Biocoop network wants to be in the lead! Inspired by trends and initiatives from all over the world, its stakeholders (employees, customers, producers and store managers) got together to think “out of the box” and envisage another model for this network of organic stores.


After enriching discussions and role-playing exercises, the participants framed four strong commitments with concrete ideas for action from field to plate, not to mention at the store!

Aperçu des dossiers de nouveaux concepts
Photomontage d’un nouveau concept de magasin
Dossier concept d'une plateforme collaborative
Scénario d’usage d’un concept de plateforme collaborative
Dossier concept d’un nouveau service
4 concepts for new services and business models were prototyped.

4 new commitment concepts were prototyped. To encourage action, they were to be presented in individual document files, along with examples of innovative applications, and rated for four criteria: reduction of environmental impacts, creation of social/societal value, level of feasibility and innovation potential.

One example: Maillon Bio
Biocoop as a vital link in a city’s process of transition. Through its stores, the network sets a good example and figures as a coordinator and catalyst of projects targeting self-sufficiency and local resilience.

“Prototyping led to very convincing concept projection, which in turn resulted in pilot projects.”


Marion Bedat, consultant, weave.air

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“The co-design workshops allowed stakeholders to hammer out a common language, which is decisive for innovation.”


Souâd Taïbi, Biocoop’s Product and Quality lines Manager