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Business (re)design for good

Leading management seminars

As Peter Drucker once observed, innovation doesn’t come in a flash of genius, but is hard work and needs to be managed like any other corporate function, at each business unit and at each level of management. With this in mind, Groupama set out to get its managers thinking about their practices with a view to promoting innovation across the company and in their teams. From awareness-raising to idea generation, we assisted Groupama with producing inspirational content, training company executives in creativity methods and communicating the ideas generated in a meaningful way.

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Prospective thinking and innovation generation

Animal and vegetable proteins are at the heart of major global challenges.  The quantities needed to meet human are rising sharply. At the same time, the scope of possible applications is broadening, especially in materials design. A major player in this sector, Avril – Sofiprotéol asked us to explore possible business models for the development of supply chains in Europe and Africa. In subSaharan Africa, total demand for proteins is expected to grow by 40% by 2030. In parallel, the percentage of vegetarians in the population is 3% in France, 5% on average in Europe and 10% in the United States.


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An "innovate-a-thon"

The number of connected objects in circulation worldwide is expected to jump from 4.9 billion to 25 billion by 2020. In a context of rising costs, complex medical demographics and a multiplicity of areas of competence, e-health is expected to improve cost control and the efficiency of patient care.  Orange Healthcare and Harmonie Mutuelle teamed up to explore the potential of e-health services by relying on collective intelligence. They pooled their expertise with that of more than fifty players in complementary areas of the health sector (e.g. institutions, health professionals, patient associations, businesses, sociologists and designers).

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Comparative and projective study

“Please consider the environment before printing this email” was an extremely effective public awareness campaign.  Consequently, people are quick to associate paper with deforestation, or paper with waste, at a time when digital, offering dematerialization, figures as the alternative. Today, the popularity of digital tools is such that, due to a lack of perspective, we run the risk of forgetting the unknowns, of which many still remain. From many standpoints (e.g. environmental, social, health and cognitive), doubts remain as to the supposed advantages of digital and dematerialization.


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"Bottom of the pyramid" (BOP) innovation in the field

According to the statistics, 82% of Indonesians – about 200 million people – live on less than $4 a day. Addressing the nutritional needs of children in this population category, Danone launched an accelerated innovation drive with two objectives: explore new territories using a BOP approach and test new work methods by applying the principles of design thinking and open innovation. We assisted the Group’s Indonesian business unit for several weeks of consumer-centered reflection in Paris and Jakarta.

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