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We will help you define the scope of your project, ask you the right questions and make initial suggestions inspired by external sources.

Studies and benchmarks

We will bring you the information you need to guide your thought process. To this end, we will build models, identify your competitive environment, analyze your products, services or processes, and determine your potentials.

Field observation

Our field trips give us a better read on your business environment, your users and your objectives or seek inspiration for your approach in encounters with other players.

Stating the problem

Albert Einstein once said that "a problem without a solution is a poorly stated problem. " We analyze your context, data and stakeholders to define the problem at hand, then set about finding the best possible solution.

Trends and prospective thinking

By spotting trends, factors of change and weak signals, we anticipate possible future developments for your business, competitors and opportunities.


We encourage you to really let your creativity flow! The idea is to generate viable innovative concepts with operational or prospective applications.

Generating strategic scenarios

We will help you identify and articulate your strategic options, whether your need is for a business model (for a business or product) or a project roadmap.

Designing the user experience

In a more human- and emotion-centered economy, we concentrate on usage scenarios and user paths as well as the user experience, seeking to make it rich, pertinent and unique.

Co-creation workshops

Are you interested in fostering open innovation or mobilizing house teams? Is the purpose to hold a hackathon or make a presentation at an Executive Committee meeting? Is the idea to unleash your creativity or to share a vision? We develop, equip and run customized workshops to tackle your issues.

Creation-oriented task forces

Get a fresh perspective on your projects! Our multidisciplinary teams will focus on your objectives to come up with solutions and enrich your concepts.


Working with your people, we make your concepts come alive in the form of iterable prototypes and test them against your actual context, usages and users.

Prototyping and modelmaking

The more we prototype, the more efficiency we obtain! We use various tools to concretize your concepts and ideas and enrich them in an iterative process.


We come up with ways of polling your stakeholders to get their opinion of your ideas and concepts.

Business simulation

We can help you with the financial, legal and organizational aspects of project development, from drafting the business plan to determining what HR skills are required.


We provide support for full-scale project deployment and propose an iterative process to keep refining the project throughout deployment.

Moving to full scale

The success of a pilot project depends on many factors, such as whether it has been sized properly, whether enough time has been provided, how critical the project is, and the level of support given by project champions at the business units concerned. We can help you realize the "demo" project to show its viability and make final adjustments before rolling it out on a larger scale.


It's like a sea journey, requiring legible navigational charts, clear instructions and a faithful crew of experienced sailors. We can assist you in leading change management and in all aspects of operational project implementation.

Tools for management and experimentation

We can develop personalized tools to measure your performance, track your projects and communicate about your initiatives.

Examples of applications

Days 0 to 65
Meeting dedicated to pioneering

Perform international benchmarking and engage in total immersion in prospective scenarios for the French model

Day 66
Workshop for health experts

Develop a shared vision and create models of new concepts of tomorrow's health establishment

Days 67 to 90
Develop a new patient experience

Produce a book of concepts linked by the paths of 4 typical patients

The hospitals built today are nearly the same as those erected twenty years ago. This observation – surprising, to say the least, given the major technological and organizational changes that the health sector is undergoing  – was the point of departure for a co-design process involving Bouygues Construction and key healthcare stakeholders. The goal was to collectively imagine tomorrow’s patient-centered healthcare facility.

Days 0 to 10
Observation in the field

Observe users at the rail station and compare user demand with what key players offer

Days 10 to 15
1st cycle of workshops

Have SNCF stakeholders work together to concretize 4 service concepts and see that this experience leads to convergence between stakeholders

Days 15 to 20
2nd cycle of workshops

Prototype to full size, in situ and draw up iterable specifications

Now, more than ever, the rail station is central to urban life. Not only an intermodal hub, it’s a place where people feel like spending time, socializing and working. To meet new user demands and anticipate future needs, Transilien undertook to prototype four ways of “updating” the rail station, i.e. developing multiservice concierge set-ups, facilitating work on the go, optimizing intermodal travel and making it easier to sort waste on the station premises. All four aim to improve everyday life and well-being for users by updating the rail station.

Days 0 to 30 - Paris & Jakarta
Cultural immersion

Observe the eating habits of disadvantaged families and study the local "BOP" approaches

Days 31 to J35 - Jakarta
Cross-disciplinary workshops

Develop and concretize innovative products/services (in accelerated mode, with consumer-centered BOP vision)

Day 36 - Jakarta & Paris
Preparation of pilot projects

Use the initial prototypes and an evaluation tool kit, carry out iteration directly on the ground

According to the statistics, 82% of Indonesians – about 200 million people – live on less than $4 a day. Addressing the nutritional needs of children in this population category, Danone launched an accelerated innovation drive with two objectives: explore new territories using a BOP approach and test new work methods by applying the principles of design thinking and open innovation. We assisted the Group’s Indonesian business unit for several weeks of consumer-centered reflection in Paris and Jakarta.